Valves & Control

Index for most of our offered Valves and Control solutions

- Manual, Hydraulic and Electric Valves.
- Pressure regulators and reducers
- Air and Vacuum Valves
- Automatic Shut-off valves
- Water meters
- Pressure measuring

Volumetric Automatic Shut-Of Valves

AMV & DOSE-O-MAT automatic volumetric metering valves 3/4" to 12" Arad and Berma


Controllers for irrigation systems Galcon


Air & Vacuum Valves ARI

Air Release Valves, Vacuum Valves, ARI

Pressure Reducers Regulators Mechanical PRV


Control Valves High Performance

Control Valves, High Performance
Pressure Reducing, Pressure Sustaining, Pressure Regulation, Electrical Valves & Hydraulic Valves. Bermad.

Water Meters

Water meters for Irrigation and water Supply Nets.
All units are equipped with optional pulse transmitters

Plastic Quality Valves

Plasson Plastic Valves, Plastic Quality Valves,

Dripline Plastic Valves

Valves for Driplines & Micro Sprinklers

Pressure Meassuring